teton guitars review

teton guitars review

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Reviewed in the United States on February 18, 2016 While I gave the guitar 4 stars, 4.5 is probably a fairer overall rating, 5 if you''re comparing it to similarly priced guitars. The sound is super bright, and loud. No problem playing this in a small to medium sized room and having every single person hear you.

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In our recent shipment of Teton Guitars we received a handful of their STS10NT Acoustic Guitar. This model is hands down the best guitar I have ever played for the money. The raw, natural look was the first thing that grabbed my eye, this guitar isn’t overly flashy and I love that!

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Teton Guitars/Price point and Sound. I happened by my local Guitar shop here in Macomb, IL. Barnyard Music to see local Guitar pro instructor, Mark Wheeler only to find out he was in hospital. A few days later, I visited him in hospital. To make long story short, he had his latest acquisition with him.

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Users'' score: 8.3 (3 votes) I''ve never really heard of Teton before, I walked in and accidentally touched the string and I just fell in love with the sound.

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I bought a Teton Guitar in January. the 150 model. It was price under $500 and came with Fishman. It is a large, bass sound and great action. Since bringing it home, it is the only guitar I have...

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There is a show in Mpls next Monday called the Acoustic Guitar Project, one of four such being staged nationwide, wherein about 10 local songwriters are given, in order, a week with a certain Teton guitar, and are obliged to write and record a song using it. The Monday show, hosted by local s/s Ellis, will start with her doing her tune, then

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Each aspect of Teton Guitars was built with you in mind, from the guitars we offer, all the way to retail partners we work with. Our mission is this: Enable you to be confident in the guitar you play. Empower independent musicians. Enhance your originality. Learn more about the Teton Difference.

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Teton Guitars Teton Guitars bring together an array of handcrafted acoustics, electrics, and ukuleles. Known primarily for their collection of acoustics which includes the popular 105 series built with solid cedar tops and Fishman electronics, the brand has expanded into affordable solid and semihollow electrics built with custommade pickups and flamed maple tops.

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Made by Art & Lutherie, a subbrand of Godin Guitars (known mostly for its electric guitars) this parlour model cuts straight to the chase – it’s clean, it’s earthy, it’s got attack and its design takes you back in time to the rural deep south where all you might have needed were the clothes on your back and this instrument for company.

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