gt p3113 cyanogenmod

gt p3113 cyanogenmod


Common Device configuration for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Family (GTP3100, GTP3110, GTP3113, GTP5100, GTP5110, GTP5113)

[ROM][6.x] LineageOS 13.0, XDA Forums

Once you have synced CM source run the following in terminal: Sent from my GTP3110 using Tapatalk . Reactions: zytrixx and francodjxx. M. MJ523 Senior Member. Jan 18, 2015 52 13. (boots on P3110, P3113, P5110 & P5113) Unofficial (for testing): [#DLGITHUBIO] Extras: su (arm) su removal (arm) Support development

CyanogenMod Review: The Best Custom ROM for Your

I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 GTP3113. CM only has a ROM for the 3110, so I can’t use my tab as a remote control for my Samsung Smart TV. No big deal. I have Kit Kat on a device that is stuck on Jelly Bean. Another kick a** feature of CM is the different builds that are available.

[Q] 64GB Micro SD card on GTP3113, XDA Developers

I have the ultra class 10 sdcard but only in the 32gig. Now that I know that there is a possibility that the 64 gigs may work I am going to buy one and try it out. I will order one tonight from amazon and when I get it I will let you know if it works. However, I have my galaxy tab 2 10.1 rooted running android 4.2.1 the CyanogenMod 10.1 nightly

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Ok I have had this problem before. I have a gtp3113 esspressowifi, your version is the gtp3110 right if it is the gtp3100 w/SIM card the roms for the 3113 and 3110 will not work for it so make sure you have the right version for your tablet.

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