jamie hectors scar

jamie hector''s scar

Jamie Hector Survived Violence At Wife''s Baby Shower

Hector Has A Scar On His Face The Wire actor has a visible scar on his left smile line that extends up to his jawline. But he prefers to keep the story behind the face scar to himself. Hector has mentioned that he uses the scar to produce emotions while acting but he doesn''t like to talk about it.

Jamie Hector’s biography: age, height, scar, wife, net

Jamie Hector’s scar has sparked numerous debates. It is on the left side of his face. The actor has so far avoided talking about its origins. Jamie Hector and his family now reside in Brooklyn. In 2022, his fans will see him as Sean Suiter in the We Own

Jamie Hector Scar, Wife (Jennifer Amelia), Net Worth

Guliver / Getty Images Jamie Hector has a scar on his left cheek, but he didn’t reveal in the media how he got it.

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