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Thermocompressor (Steam Jet Thermocompressor)

Thermocompressor has a wide potential scope from industrial view point. When ever low pressure steam is being vented or being condensate, thermocompressor can be used. Paper industry, solvent extraction plant, tobacco plant textiles, rayon, rubber , sugar dairy, refinery, chemical plants, flash steam recovery, distillery , cogeneration plant.

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Thermocompressor (Full documentation of this unit operation can be found here: Thermocompressor) The new Thermocompressor is a form of steam ejector in which a flow of higher pressure primary steam is used to entrain lower pressure secondary steam. The discharge stream is at an intermediate pressure between the high and low pressure steam flows.

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A thermocompressor is similar to a steamjet air ejector used to maintain vacuum in an evaporator. Only a portion of the vapor from an evaporator can be compressed in a thermocompressor with the remainder condensed in the nexteffect heat exchanger or a condenser. A thermocompressor is normally used on a singleeffect evaporator or on the first

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The thermocompressor can be set in demand mode. The evaporator is set up with external heat exchanger option. A portion of the vapour from the evaporator is recycled to the themocompressor, the split of vapour flow is controlled by the PID. (Flowsheet 01 with thermocompressor)

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I am trying to model a thermocompressor using Fluent 5. This device has two inlet streams and one out let. the first inlet is at a pressure of 165 psi thermocompressors

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Mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) is an energy recovery process. It involves taking low pressure vapor (usually water vapor) and adding energy to it by compression. The result is a smaller volume of vapor, at a higher temperature and pressure, which can be used to do useful work. Typically, the compressed vapor can be used to heat the mother liquor to produce the low pressure vapor.

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