rhodesian videos mazoe

rhodesian videos mazoe

Mazoe Window on Rhodesia

The construction of the Mazoe Dam commenced in November 1918, and was completed in February 1920. The dam is of the type known as an “arched dam” with the convex face upstream. The catchment area, in which flows the Mazoe and Dessura rivers

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Msasa Enterprises are producers of fine quality historic audiovisual material from the Southern African region. Our archive is an extensive and growing collection of Rhodesiana films and sound recordings that is also available as archive content to producers worldwide.

Face of Rhodesia (film) Window on Window on

Face of Rhodesia. This film has been digitized from my own copy of the original 16 mm colour sound film produced in Rhodesia in 1975. (Running time 19 minutes ~ Apologies for any adverts which Google may foist upon you whilst watching!)

Road Travel Window on Rhodesia

A colonial model Napier owned and driven by Mr A.C. Henderson of Mazoe. (Click on the picture, and then again, to get a closer view) The picture was taken during one of the weekly journeys which Mr Henderson had to undertake to a spot on the then famous Rhodesian hill known as the “Golden Stairs”, in those days many miles from the nearest habitation.

Contact Window on Rhodesia

Contact. This site was started in 2011 and is entirely produced and funded by me as a Rhodesian history archive. It is not connected with any other entity political or otherwise. The bulk of the content is taken from my own personal archive dating back to the 1890s. If you wish to make any observations, provide additional material or have any

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Glendale. Mazoe . Glendale was named after a town in Northumberland, England. It is a small farming community village and administrative center with high yields of maize, cotton and horticultural products along with cattle and pigs.. The suburbs in Glendale include Valley Low Density, Tsungubvi Township, Sisk, Rujeko, Highway, Westville and Eastview residential suburbs.

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