marshall avt275 review

marshall avt275 review

AVT275 Review, Marshall, Guitar Amplifiers, Reviews

Users'' score: 8.3 (31 votes) The Marshall AVT275 Combo Amp boasts the same 4 channels and 2 effects sections as the 150. Delivers 75W per side to 2 12" speakers, taking full advantage of... [+]...

Marshall AVT275 Amp User Reviews, zZounds

Read user reviews for Marshall AVT275 Guitar Combo Amplifier with DFX (75x75 watt, Stereo, 2x12 inch) and see over 325,000 product reviews at zZounds.

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Marshall AVT275 Reviews. AVT275 Reviews Sort By Date Sort By Rating Write Your Review. Rick Nettles from Piggott, Arkansas USofA. October 1, 2004 . Awsome Amp. This is the best sounding stereo amp I have ever owned. As a hybrid, it has a warmth that rivals tubes, but a stability of solidstate. Plenty of power with built in DSP effects.

Marshall AVT275, Sweetwater

A Marshall AVT amp emulates the tone, feel and response of their worldrenowned, allvalve amplifiers with unerring accuracy without using valves in the power stage! The Marshall AVT275 is a 2x12" combo amp that is perfect for practice and performance, especially where size and mobility matters! Marshall AVT275 at a Glance:

Valvestate 2000 avt 275, MarshallForum

Location: Manchester, England. Hi Guys. I''ve been asked to take a look at a friends 2000 avt 275. There''s absolutely no sound AT ALL coming from it, not even through the headphone socket. I changed the 12AX7, and I''ve jumped the effects loop, but still nothing. Also, there''s no LEDs on the front panel switches.

Marshall Unveils Valvestate 2000 AVT Series Amplifiers

Marshall Amplification announces the introduction of the Valvestate 2000 AVT (Advanced Valvestate Technology) series of amplifiers. Seven models and two cabinets comprise the new AVT Series of amplifiers: AVT275 Stereo Combo (2 x 75 Watts), AVT150H Head (150 Watt), AVT150 Combo (150 Watt), AVT100 Combo (100 Watt), AVT50H Head (50 Watt), AVT50 Combo

Marshall AVT 100 Valvestate 2000, MarshallForum

I have a Marshall AVT 20 ( which sounds incredible by the way ) And i decided i needed something bigger so I bought the AVT275. The 275 is a much, MUCH bigger amp, but yet, the 20 is noticeably louder, clearer and has alot more gain. The OD1 channel on the 275 does okay, I cannot use the OD2 because it is to muffled and muddy.

AVT100 Review, Marshall, Guitar Amplifiers, Reviews

user reviews of AVT100 by Marshall. Positive: Mixed: Negative: AVT100 benoityip For this price for a solid state amp, and tube sound, it

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