lesbian fanfiction

lesbian fanfiction

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Love Thy Sister (Lesbian Story) 134K 1.4K 23 Crystal is a15 year old girl with the exterior of a harsh realist and the interior of a romanticist she finds herself deeply in love with her dear sister Abbey. Being adopted and having neglectful rich snooty parents means

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Searching for Lesbian Fanfiction. You can search All New Fanfic. You can also use the Search Fanfic page to search by fandom, author, genre, rating. Or use these quick links to search for fanfic by fandom: We now welcome CREATIVE WRITING – post your original works with us! Herstoric Fandoms

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Jane and Amelia 1: A Cry for Help by Firefall Bangenthump reviews. Early in her career, Amelia''s ship is diverted from its mission when it receives a distress signal from an embattled Imperial colony on a distant planet. Leading a landing party, Amelia encounters Jane Porter, the daughter of the colonial governor.

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coalitiongirl is a fanfiction author that has written 73 stories for StarTrek: Voyager, Naruto, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Queen''s Thief series, Once Upon a Time, and Animorphs.

Don''t Mind the Ladies: Lesbian Fanfic as an OldFashioned

Lesbian Fanfic as an OldFashioned Romance The kiss that launched a thousand fanfics. Meet The Leaders Of The Pack Straight and gay women alike are drawn

Kodi Wolf''s Lesbian Fiction

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Highly Recommended (FanFic) These are works that have a favourite badge from at least one reviewer. Alternate Timeline (FanFic) Alternative Reality (FanFic) Dramatic Romance (FanFic) Enemies To Lovers (FanFic) Fan Fiction (FanFic) Fauxmance (FanFic) Highly Recommended (FanFic) Hot Physical Relations (FanFic) Milena''s Favourites (FanFic) Non

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