cockatiel runny droppings

cockatiel runny droppings

My cockatiel is lethargic, with runny droppings, also he

My cockatiel is lethargic, with runny green droppings, also he is puffing up his feathers constantly. We have recently bought a companion for him that had the same symptoms, however we thought this was just because it was a different sex. This bird died about a week after we bought it and now our bird is showing the same symptoms.

My cockatiel have been leaving very large mega droppings

My cockatiel have been leaving very large mega droppings. These are not exceptionally runny....He also has been self stimulating quite a bit. Since yesterday he has perched himself in the lower corner of the cage with his vent up against the bars. He has been exceptionally quiet (he

Watery Droppings/Other, Talk Cockatiels Forum

Real watery droppings, especially with a lack of urates, can also be a result a diet with too much protein. Stress will cause droppings similar to in the 1st. pix. A protozoa (giardia)infection in the GI tract will also cause this and some droppings that are like the 2nd. pix...which contains alot of water/urine and mucous and no urates.

Cockatiels, Night Frights, Signs and Symptoms of a Sick

Cockatiels are one of the species of birds prone to having night frights. Cockatiels can''t see at all in the dark. They are literally blind. sleep, they panic. They start thrashing into the cage bars and

How To Treat Diarrhea In Cockatiels Neeness

What color should my cockatiels poop be A normal dropping consists of three basic parts; a formed fecal portion, an off white urate (crystal) portion, and a liquid urine portion. The fecal portion is usually green in seed eating birds as seed imparts no color to the droppings so the green bile color predominates. Why is my bird poop watery

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