sydi server alternative

sydi server alternative


XIA Configuration Server is a commercial alternative to SYDI for those looking for a powerful, centralised configuration server system which includes support for many Windows Server roles (AD, SQL, Exchange, IIS, DNS), HyperV, VMware, Citrix, Backup Exec and has rich reporting, professional PDF output, manual input fields and ongoing technical support.


SYDIServer. SYDI Server is the flagship of the SYDI network documentation project. It is the most used and mature script within the project. Though SYDI is intended to help system administrators to document their network, SYDIServer can also be used for network inventory purposes or asset tracking.

How to Document Servers with SYDI LazyWinAdmin

Having written SYDI from scratch, I know it inside and out. The readme file included in SYDI is far from perfect. While people in this line of business can usually figure out how it works, others will just ignore reading the manual anyway. In this howto I will go through the basics of how SYDIServer works and then describe how I use SYDIServer.

How to Document Servers with SYDI – Part 2 of 3

cscript.exe sydiserver.vbs oServer1.xml ex sh [enter] In order to view this file with a browser you will need the serverhtml.xsl and sydihtmlstyles.xsl to be located in the same directory. These files are in the XML subdirectory of SYDIServer. Copy the Server1.xml file you just created to that directory and open the file in a browser.

How to Document Servers with SYDI – Part 3 of 3

It sure was, most of what we’ve looked at up until now has been more geared against Inventory instead of Network Documentation. I saved the best for last, a new tool in sydiserver 2.0 is the ssxml2word.vbs script (or SYDIServer XML to Word). What the script does is that it takes an XML file and converts it to a Word document.

GitHub sydi/sydiserver: Server documentation script for

SYDIServer is a tool which will help you to document your Windows servers and clients. To get the latest release go here. INSTALLATION. SYDIServer isn''t a software you install, you just unzip the file and go to the directory in a shell and write: cscript.exe sydiserver.vbs h.

SYDI Network documentation made easy

Limiting the Length of a SYDI Report. Running SYDIServer using default settings usually generates a Word document somewhere between 20 and 40 pages. But it''s easy to filter out what you don''t want. Read More

VIDEO: SYDIServer 2.4 Utility to Document Networks and

VIDEO: SYDIServer 2.4 Utility to Document Networks and Computers. SYDI is the open source project aimed to help document a network. SYDI consists of a number of scripts which collects information (like IP addresses, OS version, and hardware configuration ) from servers and networks.

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