presiders chair catholic church

presider''s chair catholic church

What Is The Presider''s Chair For In The Catholic Church

Answer (1 of 1): If by "presider" you mean "priest" (the person who preaches the religion at church) it just a place were they sit. Nothing special. It''s a form of respect for catholics. Catholics respect the priest and believe them to be a sorta very special friend of god. Other catholics may call him "one of gods might servants." We don''t refer to him usually as "presider" or "priest".

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In the Catholic Church, the Priest’s Chair is also known as the Presider’s Chair or the Presidential Chair. A chair can also symbolize the person who sits there. In many homes a family member has a preferred chair and others won’t sit there out of respect. In offices, in boardrooms and even at the dining room table, some seats are sacred.

The Chair of the Priest Celebrant EWTN Global Catholic

In the cathedral, in addition to the bishop''s chair or ''cathedra,'' which is permanent, an additional chair will be needed for use by the rector or priest celebrant. "§ 64.The [chair] is not used by a lay person who presides at a service of the word with Communion or a Sunday celebration in the absence of a priest.

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