father daughter anime

father daughter anime

Kakushigoto Has Anime''s Perfect FatherDaughter

Wholesome fatherdaughter relationships aren''t a new concept in anime. However, most anime centered around such relationships are cloyingly sweet, focusing solely on sliceoflife cuteness. Kakushigoto: My Dad''s Secret Ambition is an amalgamation of ideas that somehow all shape together to create a succinctly told story.

REVIEW: SAKUGAN''s FatherDaughter Anime, CBR

SAKUGAN''s FatherDaughter Anime Adventure Has Charming Potential The first episode of SAKUGAN, premiering at Crunchyroll Expo, offers an enjoyable introduction to its charming characters and intriguing world. By Reuben Baron Published Aug 03, 2021

SAKUGAN Is a Delightful FatherDaughter Mech Anime

SAKUGAN Is a Delightful FatherDaughter Mech Anime Premiering At Virtual Crunchyroll Expo Let’s Go On a FatherDaughter Mech Anime Adventure With the First Episode of SAKUGAN SAKUGAN is set to...

The 10 anime dads we look up to Rappler

As a father, he is insanely devoted to his daughter, Holly. He even went as far as to trek across Asia and Africa in order to beat the Joestar family’s nemesis, Dio Brando, as

5 Anime You Shouldn’t Watch With Your Parents, Fandom

Based on the shōnen manga of the same name, Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma follows Sōma Yukihira, a teenager who aspires to become a chef at his father’s restaurant, Yukihira. Unfortunately, Sōma’s father, Jōichirō, gets a new job that requires him to travel abroad, and he consequently closes down the restaurant.

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