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star wars kaddak

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Kaddak was a terrestrial Outer Rim world. It was home to at least one settlement called the Sliver, which was built around a giant pinnacleshaped pink crystal. The Sliver had several levels including Level 72 and Level 45, which were home to several cantinas. The Sliver also hosted the headquarters of the Ranc gang.

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Kaddak Galaxie Encyclopédie Star Wars Universe. Ce formulaire vous permet de proposer du nouveau contenu (historique de la planète par exemple) ou de nous faire part d''une erreur pour la fiche Kaddak.Cellesci seront vérifiées et prises

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Kaddak était une planète désertique de la Bordure Extérieure, située non loin de Rothana où se trouvaient des chantiers navals impériaux. Continuité Star Wars et ligne éditoriale HoloNet.

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STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Server Forums > The Ebon Hawk WTB Korrealis Commander babyaaronman: 03.15.2015 , 12:08 AM, #1: Hi I''m Kaddak, and I have a vehicle problem. I''m a vehicle collector and not a casual one. I have every mount available in collections and I think my total count is somewhere near 250.

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Kaddak Outside of being a planet near the Confederacy’s borders, little attention was paid to the crime infested world by the higher ups within the Viceroyalty. Practically no natural resources existed in Kaddak’s crust or mines, at least none that were worth the Confederacy coming in

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Kaddak killed him because he started pushing Kaddak to far and so the boy lashed out. This funeral was more about introducing the Spartans to the clones. Currently the Spartans are 9/10 years old and the clones are 6. Children like to look up to slightly older children as heroes and emulate them.

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The tragic story of the Commando Droid who became a Rebel spy and Went on a MURDEROUS Rampage, worse than Mister Bones. After the Call for Order 66 was Given and the Slaughter of the Separatist council on Mustafar by Darth Vader, almost every single Separatist Commando droid received and activated the galaxywide shutdown order from Chancellor Palpatine.

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Die Erde ist ein ziemlich unbedeutender und kleiner Planet. Die genauen Koordinaten der Erde sind nicht bekannt, allerdings ist sie einer der vielen Planeten der Galaxis. Die Haupteinwohner dieses Planeten sind die Menschen. 1 Beschreibung 2 Geschichte 3 Hinter den Kulissen 4

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