iswa halal certification department

iswa halal certification department

ISWA Halal Certification Department

ISWA Halal Certification Department ISWA Halal Standards and Guidelines I. Requirements for Facilities Seeking Halal Certification The facilities which require Halal certification for their products must accept and comply with the following general requirements of the Islamic Society of the Washington Area (referred to thereafter as ISWA): 1.

What is Halal Supervision/Certification

ISWA Halal Certification Department keeps a detailed account and data on production procedures including receiving and storage of raw materials, processing, packaging, labeling, transportation and storage of finished products. Records need to be maintained on the inspector’s audits and findings during his/her visits.

ISWA Halal Certification Department ( Islamic Society of

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ISWA/012Application for Membership, Halal Supervision

ISWA Halal Certification Department is a full service commercial and professional certification body dedicated to promoting Halal business and understanding of Islamic dietary compliance, as well as facilitates dialogue between industry and consumers. The Application Fee is $200 per plant/manufacturing facility.

Certification Verification

Certificate that is not registered with ISWA Halal Certification Department (ISWA HCD). Certificate that has been altered in anyway (i.e. whited out dates, blacked out information, etc.) In all cases of invalidity please upload the certificate below so that ISWA HCD can further investigate the matter and take any appropriate action needed.

Certifications Emir Halal Foods

Our facility has been inspected by USDA and is in complete compliance with Islamic dietary laws. We are Shariah Board of New York Certified plant, HMS (Halal Monitoring Service) inspected. We have obtained the Certificate of Authenticity from Society of American Muslims and ISWA Halal Certification Department.

GCC Accreditation Center

ISWA Halal Certification Department : HPC 0035: : Active: 89: Istituto Italiano Del Marchio Di Qualita IMQ: APC 0023: : Active: 90: LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY "HALAL GLOBAL UKRAINE" CERTIFICATION CENTER: HPC 0034: : Active: 91:

Halal Overview US Halal Certification

Subsequently, they overlook the needs of this segment of our population. USA Halal Chamber of Commerce, Inc, promotes unified Standards of acceptance and certification. A unified standard bridges the gap between Muslim consumers and the industry. It establishes credibility and assures the Muslim consumer of strict compliance to the Halal process.

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