savouries meaning in marathi

savouries meaning in marathi

Savoury meaning in Hindi

Savoury meaning in Hindi : Get meaning and translation of Savoury in Hindi language with grammar,antonyms,synonyms and sentence usages. Know answer of question : what is meaning of Savoury in Hindi Savoury ka matalab hindi me kya hai (Savoury

Savouries definition and meaning, Collins English Dictionary

Savouries definition: attractive to the sense of taste or smell, Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

What is the plural of savoury WordHippo

Now there''s a wideranging choice of tasty burgers and crispy savouries, to say nothing of novelties like French fries, ice cream, milk shakes and sundaes.: From a list of over 30 different items suggested by Penny, Irene chose some hot savouries, some cold savouries and some sweet desserts.: And to ensure uniformity in preparation, the restaurant used about 160 different premixed spices in

What is another word for savoury, Savoury Synonyms

Synonyms for savoury include wholesome, respectable, acceptable, decent, honorable, honourable, palatable, pleasant, proper and applepie. Find more similar words at

Savoury definition and meaning, Collins English Dictionary

Savoury definition: Savoury food has a salty or spicy flavour rather than a sweet one., Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Ready to eat savouries meaning in Tamil, define savouries

savouries meaning in Hindi. savouries. meaning in Hindi. 1. Chinese steamed egg is a similar but larger savoury egg dish. 2. Special sweets and savouries like Ladu are prepared for the festival. 3. A similar, but entirely savoury, dish comes from Buckinghamshire More Malayalam words for

kalonji in marathi wikipedia

anon December 1, 2014 Kalonji marks an integral part in your kitchen as a spice. Be the first to answer! Hindi. Who doesn''t love being #1 These seeds give a distinct taste and aroma to the food. 10 Top Medicinal Use Of Kalonji (Black Seeds): 1. In Hindu family kitchen it’s mangrella/ mangraila used along with ajvain. The Vokal App is available in 11 Indian languages. Here are 9

kalonji means what in marathi tabloidmaritim

kalonji means what in marathi. kalonji means what in marathi. 02/12/2020 1 views

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