jiggering and jollying

jiggering and jollying

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In pottery: Shaping the clay Jollying, or jiggering, is the mechanical adaptation of wheel throwing and is used where mass production or duplication of the same shape—particularly cups and plates—is required. The jolly, or jigger, was introduced during the 18th century. It

Jiggering and Jollying by Selin Yasan Prezi

A ball of clay is placed on a rotating mold and forced to conform to the shape of the mold by bearing down on the clay with a lever arm. With jiggering, the mold shapes the inner surface of the pot With jollying, the mold shapes the outer surface of the pot

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Jiggering and jollying are processes by which a template may be applied to the exterior or interior of a workpiece, respectively, to, obtain a desired contoured shape. Jiggering and jollying can...

Core/plug for CS25 RTV Silicone masters for Jigger Jolly

Hello, I am very new to this forum, but would like some advice. I am a ceramic maker in Edinburgh and have started to develop work that is made using something called a jigger jolly machine. It is a difficult process to describe but it is a hybrid between throwing pottery on the potters wheel, and turning it on an engineering lathe.

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