windsucking solutions

windsucking solutions

Windsucking, Weaving, Crib Biting, Victoria Ferguson

Windsucking – Natural Solutions. by Victoria Ferguson, Apr 5, 2018, Windsucking, Weaving, Crib Biting. WIND SUCKING, WEAVING and CRIB BITING Up until quite recently the bad habits which some horses acquire of weaving, wind sucking and/or crib biting were termed “stable vices”.


Windsucking is known as a stereotypy, which is ‘’the constant repetition of certain meaningless gestures or movements.” There is a close link between the stereotypies of windsucking and cribbing: when a horse clamps its teeth onto a fence post, stable door or manger and noisily gulps air, it is cribbing or cribbiting, whereas with

Cribbing, Wood Chewing & Windsucking,

Windsucking / Cribbing. Definition: is a compulsive behavior or "stable vice" seen in some horses. It involves the horse grabbing a solid object, such as the stall door or fence rail, with its incisors, arching its neck, pulling against the object, and sucking in air.

Cribbing or Wind Sucking in Horses a behavioural

Cribbing or Wind Sucking in Horses. Cribbing or crib biting is a vice in which the horse places its upper incisors on a horizontal solid surface, presses down, arches its neck and pulls back. As this occurs the horse usually makes a grunting noise and gulps air. Wind sucking may occur without the horse grasping anything with its teeth, most

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