aug hbar phantom forces

aug hbar phantom forces

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Beta Aug HBAR model. AUG HBAR hip view. AUG HBAR ADS. Inspecting AUG HBAR #1. Inspecting AUG HBAR #2. The AUG HBAR in real life. Categories. Categories. Gallery Pages.

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The AUG A3 was added in the 0.6.0 update along with the AUG A2, AUG HBAR, and the AUG A3 Para. It originally appeared in the closed Alpha. The Canted Iron Sight on the AUG A3 is extremely misaligned. The AUG A3 uses a Coyote Brown finish, as the AUG A3 Para, in contrast to the Olive Drab Green of the AUG A1 and A2.

What Is The Best Gun In Phantom Forces

What is the best AR in phantom forces, So, almost all of the Assault Rifles are very viable. But the top ones would be, AS VAL, M16A3 and M16A4, FAMAS, AKM, AK74, HONEY BADGER, L85A2 adn AUG A1 and A3. The FAMAS has a 900 fire rate and is a

What is the best AR in phantom forces

What is the best AR in phantom forces The famas is the best because it has 900 rpm, a decent damage, and not much recoil. top 5 assault rifles in roblox phantom forces! What is the max rank in phantom forces Currently, there is no set limit of ranks. Players may rank up as many times as they like.

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