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Reviews of Verbal Scholaranium from eGMAT

Product [Tests] eGMAT Scholaranium Verbal Scholaranium An enjoyable learning process The course structure is very straightforward and breaks down through concepts in easytounderstand videos and slides. The section modules are studied in a fun way and offers ideas and methods to solve the GMAT questions.

EGMAT verbal Scholarium [Tests] eGMAT Scholaranium

The EGMAT Verbal Scholarium is a very good tool for GMAT takers. It gives an opportunity to practice questions in a stepwise manner and track improvement. It is a very good tool for anyone who is looking forward for a nice score in Verbal section. It is very easy to identify the weaker sections and then devise a strategy to improve the score

Reviews of Verbal Scholaranium from eGMAT

eGMAT Verbal Scholaranium is one of the best test for practicing and improving Verbal ability. It has two types of Test: Ability Tests and Custom Quiz. Ability Tests is a timed tests which has a mix of questions from all level of questions while Custom Quiz, as the names suggests, is a

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It helps identify areas/section that may be pulling your score down. It can help predict your mock test score and consequently can help determine whether you are making the most of your ability in a mock test. NOTE: You can access RC quizzes also. The flexible architecture of Scholaranium can help estimate your ability.

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2 天前76 hours (est.) 30+ hours (est.) 30+ hours (est.) 80 hours (est.) Personalized Feedback with every Learning Activity. . To score 700+, you need to achieve perfection. Feedback ensures that you fix gaps in your understanding while you are learning concepts. EGMAT has built unique technology to provide such feedback.

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2 天前Its your inability to identify your weaknesses. The revolutionary Scholaranium 2.0 helps identify these chinks in your armor, enabling you to create hyper personalized improvement plans and empowering you to achieve your target GMAT score.

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