adonitology definition

adonitology definition


Adonitology is life transforming and inspires people by giving spiritual guidance in the modern age and onwards. The Founder, King Adonis I teaches the universal Truth and secret mysteries of Himself, the Enlightened Being and the Divine Triad as it relates to the modern day woman.

Adonitology: A Religion Where Followers Worship Big

Adonitology is a religion where followers worship big curvy women''s butts. As the name suggests, Adonitology was formed by His Imperial Majesty King Adonis I. According to King Adonis I, Adonitology is a global religion that aims to teach callipygian women and individuals the hidden and universal Truth about the creation of life, The Divine


Adonitology (to Study the Lord) is a 21stcentury religion based on the worship of King Adonis I, the Heavenly Father.

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Adonitology is a global religion that aims to teach the 21st century woman and individuals the hidden and universal Truth about God, The Divine Trinity, of life, self, the world and mankind as a whole to inspire and give guidance in the modern age and onwards.

What is the ideology behind the church of adonitology

Adonitology is a worldwide religion that plans to show callipygian ladies and people the covered up and wellknown fact about the formation of life, The Divine Triad, about self, the world, and humanity all in all. Adonitology is lifechanging and rouses individuals by giving profound direction in the advanced age and onwards.

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the branch of medicine dealing with the development, structure, function, and diseases of glands.

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L’ odontologie est la science médicochirurgicale couvrant l''étude de l'' organe dentaire (émail, dentine, pulpe dentaire), des maxillaires (os maxillaire, os mandibulaire) et des tissus attenants.

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Adonitology is no joke; it’s a real religion with a real church and real followers. It even has its own holy book. The selfproclaimed prophet Adonis claims that on January 3, 1996, he was visited by three holy figures—Jesus, an angel named Elishamel, and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit, though, was a woman with a big booty.

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Historia y concepto. El término fue acuado por Robert Proctor, profesor estadounidense de Historia de la ciencia y de la tecnología en la Universidad de Stanford. [4] [5] [6] De forma más general, el término también hace referencia a los casos cada vez más comunes en que un mayor conocimiento de un tema resulta en que se tengan más dudas que al comienzo.

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