anandavardhana dhvanyaloka summary

anandavardhana dhvanyaloka summary

The Dhvanyaloka of Anandavardhana with the Locana of

The Dhvanyaloka revolutionized Sanskrit literary theory by proposing that the main goal of good poetry is the evocation of a mood or “flavor” (rasa) and that this process can be explained only by recognizing a semantic power beyond denotation and metaphor, namely, the power of suggestion.


Dhvanyaloka of Anandavardhana, with the Locana of This text is usually taught at the college level and hence a rather familiar text to the students of Sanskrit literature. : KSOU MA 2nd year Introduction — Here is the summary from the lectures by Dr. H.V.Nagaraja Rao on Dhvanyaaloka by Ananda Vardhana.

Anandavardhana, Article about Anandavardhana by The

Author of Dhvanyaloka, a treatise on the nature of aesthetic enjoyment in literature, Anandavardhana wrote in Sanskrit. He gave the most complete formulation of the theory of dhvani, which affirmed that the aesthetic essence of poetry consists not in the images themselves but

Existence of Ananda in Dhvani’s Theory

of Dhvani was introduced by Anandavardhana. His book Dhvanyaloka isthe world of sounds. This book was published in 9th century. It chased to the Indian perspective of poetry completely. Dhvani theory is a modern psychological theory as its focus of enjoyment turns from the poem to the mind of the reader(2). Anandavardhana says that, ―the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.‖ The enjoyment of the poem takes place in the mind of capable reader who can interact properly with the words, symbols, metaphors and ideas of the poem. In this paper, the author is inclined to discuss dhvani and its‘ theory. She has also discussed the types of dhvani and its‘ evolution. The existence of dhvani

Classifications of Dhvani, sreenivasarao''s blogs

The Dhvani School put forward by Anandavardhana (Ca. 850 AD) through his Dhvanyaloka (also called Kavyaloka and Sahridayaloka), brought focus on the potential power of the word in a Kavya. Here, the word (Sabda), together with its literal sense (Vakyartha)

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