subscribe2 not sending emails

subscribe2 not sending emails

Not Sending to Public Subscribers,

However, when I add a new post to my site Subscribe2 is only sending to my Registered Users who are subscribed to the category of the new post, it is not sending to my Public Subscribers. I cannot see what I am doing wrong or what I need to do to address this. Any help or

Not sending to public subscribers,

If the emails are not generated then it’s likely to be a configuration issue in WordPress or the Subscribe2 plugin. If the emails are generated then is it likely they are being blocked and discarded on the server. The topic ‘Not sending to public subscribers’ is closed to new replies. Subscribe2 Form, Email Subscribers & Newsletters

FAQs on Subscribe2 Plugin weMail

Sending post notifications or email with Subscribe2 Subscribe2 sends an email at the very moment the post is published. Since Subscribe2 sends live mail with no undo, it’s important to use the Preview function in WordPress to make sure the post has been edited to perfection before moving it from Draft to Published mode. Mail is sent when a post is published – it will not be resent if you

plugins Is it possible to send blog posts via email to

Subscribe2 is very popular, although I''ve never been a fan. But it''s not sending an email, do I need to do any setting to make that happen . – Developer Jun 20 ''19 at 7:13. Add a comment, Highly active question. Earn 10 reputation (not counting the association bonus) in order to answer this question. The reputation requirement helps

[FIXED] WordPress Not Sending Email

We’re going to route your emails through a separate email provider to fix WordPress not sending email. To see the available email providers, click the Let’s Get Started button in the Wizard. On the next screen, you’ll see a list of available mailers that you can configure.

Wordpress Blog Email Notification

core WordPress settings In the WP. Are Your Ninja Forms Not Sending Emails InMotion Hosting. Get Email Notification of Facebook Comments on Your. How he Create Custom HTML Email Templates with WordPress. This blog administrator prevent your csv file and blogging is an sms when no. 5 WordPress Plugins For Sending Push Notifications HostGator.

“Could not instantiate mail function.” What’s that

. Your receiver email address is not valid. Your mail server may refuse to deliver your message if the receiver email address is not a valid one. If you have " could not instantiate mail function " for only a few of your subscribers, it may just be because their email address is not valid! 3. You included a special character in the subject line.

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