big dipper pickups

big dipper pickups

Fender Big Dipper pickups, The Gear Page

The pickups that JM uses in his main strat (the reliced black one) are not Big Dippers. I''ve seen some closeup shots of the pickups in his guitar, and those have staggered poles. So my guess is that they are Fender CS 57/62. I''ve got those pickups in one of my strats and the Fender CS ''69 in another one, and I must say, that the 57/62 sounded

Fender John Mayer Signature Stratocaster Big Dipper

Known as the ''Big Dipper''s this pickup set is based on the underwound, midscopped pickups found in John''s 1990s Stevie Ray Vaughan Signature Stratocaster. The midrange scoop in these pickups mimics the same frequency charestics in many Fender blackface amps, making these pickups pair beautifully with Fender amps.

Big Dipper Pickups on Ebay ($499) John Mayer

$499 is absolutely stupid for pickups. Even if they are Big Dippers. You can buy custom handwound pickups from Curtis Novak, Toneriders, or other places for $100$300 for AMAZING quality pickups exactly tailored to what you want. Why pay that much for plain looking pickups

NEW Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Scooped Strat

Description: Official USA Seymour Duncan Custom Shop "Scooped" for Fender Stratocaster Pickup Set Alnico V magnets DC resistance varies per set (please see picture for a ballpark estimate ie: 5.85K, 6.3K, 7.3K) Hand wound by Seymour Duncan''s legendary "MJ" to replicate the Fender John Mayer Big Dipper Stratocaster Set Includes Screws, Spacers and Wiring Diagram

John Mayer Big Dipper Pickup DC resistances, Fender

The John Mayer Big Dipper sets go for good money thanks to a lot of die hard AC fans. Even the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop is apparently offering expensive clones. In fact aside from the Josefinas, I don''t think there is a higher valued recent production Strat pickup on the used market.

Stratocaster Pickups

My own take on the Big Dipper ''Scooped Mids'' Pickups. Essentially the Fender Big Dipper Custom Pickups are strong Alnico 5 Lower Output pickups which give you that great hollow voice, I''ve just tweaked the specifications to emphasise this woody, hollow ''scooped'' sound by a different design for a little more unique voicing.


BIG DIPPER . BRIDGE PICKUP DC Resistance : 6.8k Ω Alnico Mix / P. Enamel Wire 42awg MIDDLE PICKUP DC Resistance : 6.5k Ω Alnico Mix / P. Enamel Wire 42awg NECK PICKUP

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