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If you run into trouble while registering for Skyrates (which wouldn''t be terribly shocking given that the email monkey has been on strike for the past several weeks), send an email to and we will do all we can to make things right.. The best place to report bugs is the Forum.That''s a great place to ask questions too.

Skyrates! Carnegie Mellon University

Skyrates (''skIr&ts) is a game design and development project exploring different types of game play and multiple platform access points to a single, persistent, world. In Skyrates we are experimenting with sporadic play. A good way to think of your interaction with the game is much like checking your email, a few minutes here and there spread

Timeline, The Skybrary, Fandom

For Skytopian events, BU means "Before Upheaval" and AU is "After Upheaval". The "Upheaval" referred to here is The Great Upheaval. Skytopian years (AU) are measured by reallife months. In February 2011, the Skytopian Calendar year was 239 AU. This timeline is player created and is intended to serve as a general ''sequence of events'' reference. The conversion of real time into

Playercreated tools, The Skybrary, Fandom

Several Skyrates players have put their coding and design skills to work creating custom tools for the game. From plane design to map navigation to influence and market tracking, these tools can make an experienced player''s life easier, or overwhelm a new player with information that will only be relevant after weeks of gameplay and exploration. 1 nehp tools 1.1 Site 1.2 Tools 1.3 Dailies 2

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