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How the Global Delivery Network Works – Smartling Help

The Smartling Global Delivery Network (GDN) is a translation proxy tool that enables you to offer translated websites and web applications without the need to internationalize your site or host and manage translated content within your systems.

The Power of Smartling''s Global Delivery Network

Smartling has just the right solution to help your business do just that our translation proxy known as the Global Delivery Network (GDN). What Is The Global Delivery Network The Global Delivery Network is the fastest, most cost effective way to deploy multilingual websites with nearzero IT involvement.

InDepth Webinar: GDN Smartling

InDepth Webinar: GDN. The fastest way to launch your website and web application in any language is with Smartling. Schedule a Meeting. InDepth Webinar Global Delivery Network. Tags: Webinars Global Delivery Network Websites and Web Applications. Meet our Translators. Previous.

Translate Web Pages using the GDN – Smartling Help Center

With Smartling, you can use the Capture Domain feature to quickly capture new content for a GDN translation while also previewing your translated site to identify text expansion issues or uncaptured content that requires integration, such as images.

URL Translation via the GDN – Smartling Help Center

The Smartling Global Delivery Network (GDN) allows you to capture and translate the URL paths that appear on your localized sites along with the rest of your website content. This feature is useful in cases where your website URLs directly reflect the information contained on your page.

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Add Your Domains to the Global Smartling Help Center

In the New Experience, from your GDN project, click the gear icon > Project Settings > Domains. In the Classic Experience, from within the GDN project, click Global Delivery Network > Domains. Click the blue + button next to Domains. In the Add Domain prompt, enter the following:

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Smartling categorizes translation jobs by the integration type (Marketo, documents, GDN). This is because each of these integration types parse the strings differently based on the file format (example: HTML vs. PDF).

Plurals – Smartling Help Center

Web sites and apps translated using Smartling''s Global Delivery Network (GDN) can be plural sensitive. Plural strings in the GDN are identified by wrapping the quantity variable in tags. Smartling will ingest a plural sensitive string when there is one variable using this class in the string. Was this article helpful

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