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Marka Ragnos was a male halfbreed Dark Lord of the Sith who lived during the time of the first Sith Empire, long before 5,100 BBY, and, around that same year, dueled Sith Lord Simus for the title of Dark Lord of the Sith and control of the Sith Empire.. History. Ragnos defeated Simus, who was beheaded in the battle with the other aspiring Dark Lord. He then became the Dark Lord of the Sith

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The Dark Lord Marka Ragnos was an ancient Sith and one of the most legendary figures in Sith history. He had lived in the era of the Original Sith Empire, born thousands of years prior to the era of the Galactic Empire, and in the same era, dueled rivals for the rank of Dark Sith Lord and the right to hold power over the Sith Empire. He defeated those who opposed this Sith reign, and beheaded

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Marka is about seven feet tall with the red skin of a Sith. He has a square set jaw and a bony protrusion sticking from it. His eyes are more like black holes then eyes. They absorb all light. Is someone were to look into them for to long they would end up at the mercy of Marka. Marka''s skin is covered in black marks. They are the marks of a high member of the Sith order. They signify that he

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The Epistle of Marka Ragnos was an ancient Sith document, presumably authored by Marka Ragnos sometime before his death in 5000 BBY. The last known copy of the epistle was destroyed by Celeste Morne at some point prior to 3963 BBY. Knights of the Old Republic 25 (First mentioned)

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Heil dem Gedenken an Marka Ragnos! Sein Erbe wird bei Volk und Herrschern der Sith Jahrhunderte überdauern!“ — Ein SithLord bei Marka Ragnos Begrbnis (Quelle)Marka Ragnos war ein mchtiger Dunkler Lord der Sith aus den glorreichen Tagen des SithImperiums, der 5000 VSY im Groen Hyperraumkieg lebte. 1 Biografie 1.1 Dunkler Lord der Sith 1.2 Vermchtnis 1.2.1 Scheideweg

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Marka Ragnos fue un híbrido Seor Oscuro de los Sith quien vivio durante los tiempos del Primer Imperio Sith, nacido mucho tiempo antes del ao 5.100 ABY, y que alrededor del mismo ao, lucho contra el Lord Sith Simus por el título de "Seor Oscuro de los Sith", y el control del Imperio Sith. En su duelo, Ragnos resulto victorioso en contra de su adversario Sith, quien fue decapitado en

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Marka Ragnos était un hybride entre un humain et un Sith au sang pur ainsi qu''un Seigneur Noir des Sith. Il fut Empereur de l''Ancien Empire Sithetmourut en 5000 av.BY.Chose rare pour un Sith, il mourut de mort naturel, ce qui posa d''ailleurs quelques problèmes quant à

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The Ragnos family, or Clan Ragnos, was a predominantlySith familial group descended from the ancient Dark Lord of the Sith Marka Ragnos. Aside from their most accomplished son Marka, the clan was generally wellrespected and influential in the ancient Sith Empire. Like their ancestor, the modern members of the family were known for being very strong with the Force, though many were also

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Marka Ragnos 自封西斯黑暗尊主。5,000 BSW4 有一半西斯血统的Naga Sadow在Marka Ragnos死后成为新的西斯黑暗尊主。超空间探险家兼航线绘图师Gav和Jori Daragon兄妹意外而落于西斯帝国卡里班星,遭到西斯俘虏,并被Sadow利用,引诱Gav堕入黑暗

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