betta fish stomach explode

betta fish stomach explode

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About the only thing that would explode in a betta is a TB cyst, a not uncommon problem. So if you have cuts, wear gloves, and wash your hands well immediately after putting them in the water. He is ''pineconing'' which with the exploding cyst means an end stage kidney failure. I''m sorry to offer that news..

Betta Stomach Exploded Need Help Immediately, My

Betta Stomach Exploded Need Help Immediately My bettas stomach has like exploded, I have not been home all day, but came home to this, it looks like it''s bleeding and I don''t know what to do. I want her to be ok but I also want to do what''s best for her, how do I help her, I need answers immediatly, please answer, thank you.

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Betta fish stomach explode 5 Possible Causes Of Betta Fish Stomach Explosion Betta . Why Does a Betta Fish Stomach Explode Due to Pineconing It is common for betta fish to suffer from a condition called butterfly belly. It is characterized by the appearance of a

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One of my good friend''s had a betta.. he had him.. for a few months... the fish showed no signs of illness... but.. apparently.. he exploded.. Paul''s (my friend) concern is that he may have over fed him.. which then made the betta explode... basically.. he said that the fish was in pieces and there was a streak of blood in the water.. or something like it....

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Betta Fish Dropsy Outlook: Usually fatal Dropsy in betta fish is not a disease itself, but rather a secondary symptom of another problem going on internally. Think of this like when you have an infected cut, and a secondary symptom of the cut can be warm skin or swelling surrounding the cut.

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Fish stomach exploded. By FishHelpNeeded, 5 years ago on Tropical Fish Diseases. It was like a normal morning but when I look at my fish tank , one of my bottom feeder stomach was soooo big (it wasn''t even that big yesterday ) when I took a close look it has a hole at it stomach and ingesting were coming out ! Can some one help me !

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A bloated betta will appear to have a swollen, protruding belly. Bloat can affect one or both sides of the fish, sometimes causing him to appear lopsided. A fish with bloat may have trouble swimming and may become trapped at the surface of the water or on the bottom of the tank.

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A Betta fish may develop a bloated belly due to overfeeding with nutrientdense foods or a lack of fiber in its diet. Substandard water quality, bacterial infections, or internal parasites may also contribute to bloat in fish. All of these factors may lead to an expansion of the abdomen in fish and a belly that looks extremely swollen.

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