ceragem massage bed

ceragem massage bed

Ceragem Automated Thermal Massage Bed – Ceragem

The CERAGEM Therapeutic Massage beds use far infrared from solid jade and epoxy carbon panels as it closely resembles that generated by the body. I Am Healthy And Exercise Already. Why Do I Need Ceragem CERAGEM is for anyone who wants a better functioning body,

Elegant, Comforting ceragem thermal massage bed For

The ceragem thermal massage bed are fitted with the best foam with excellent foam density and thickness that ensure you or your clients are comfortable. For customization, you may talk to various ceragem thermal massage bed sellers on the site and make special orders.

Ceragem V3 Ceragem Magic Bed LLC

Our Ceragem bed is a product of 5 principles: chiropractic, thermal therapy, moxibustion, finger pressure, and general massage. Improve your health, increase blood circulation, and detox your body through the 12 builtin Eastern medicine programs, which are based on the Meridian acupressure system.

Ceragem Home

The Ceragem bed does chiropractic stretching and adjustment and deep tissue massage employing Far Infrared Rays (FIR) which is deep penetrating healing heat. At the end of your session, most of our clients report that they feel very warm, have more energy, relaxed and able to have deep restorative sleep same night.

Original Ceragem Master RL1 Automatic Massager Bed India

Ceragem Master RL1. Ceragem India''s the most longest be loved product. Ergonomically Designed for Comfort. New dark brown pattern applied to the beige mat enhances the interior design function with young sense. The external projector’s design is changed simply and more beautifully. The overall product look is upgraded with a new design.

Ceragem – Ceragem CERAGEM FRESNO

CERAGEM Co. Ltd is a leading South Korean health care company that was established in 1998. The Ceragem Master V3 is a stateoftheart thermal acupressure massages bed that measures spinal length and curvature, and then massages the pressure points


CERAGEM is the largest provider of high quality Thermal Massage Bed. Our product combines the benefits of Alternative and Oriental Medicine. Experience the amazing effects of CERAGEM through noobligation Free Trials.

Ceragem Singapore

Ceragem wishes you a wealthy, prosperous and flourishing life. Thank you for the recognition and support, because of you, we will work harder! A direct expression is used to define the philosophy saying, "Personal health impacts family, community and country." Ceragem''s peoplecentered marketing is globally popular and has created the "Ceragem

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