lilac merle great dane

lilac merle great dane

AKC Lilac Merle Male Great Dane Looking for a Home

This handsome dude is out of our fabulous Chocolate Harl girl Maize and our famous Lilac Stud Blaze! He is RTG home Feb 22nd! $ 2,500.00. AKC Blue Merle Tan Point Female Great Dane looking for a forever home!!! $ 4,000.00. AKC Fawnaquin (Fawn Harlequin) Male Great Dane from Champion bloodlines is looking for his forever home!!!

AKC Lilac Merle Female Great Dane looking for her forever

AKC Lilac Merle Female Great Dane looking for her forever home!!! This beauty is out of our fabulous chocolate harlequin Athena and our famous Blue Tanpoint Stud Banjo! We are accepting reservations to hold her now. She is RTG home May 17th! $2750.00 We are located in Joplin Mo with several transport options. Experienced breeder, AKC Lilac Merle Female Great Dane looking for her forever

Dane Colors Vulpine Great Danes

Merle is the newest color admitted to the standard as of 5/1/18, so stay tuned as they are admitted to the show ring! Merles: A merle is a merle is a merle, so I hear. But did you know a harlequin is also a merle Merles come in many different colors as well, but the most common is

Lilac color Great Dane Forums Danes Online

>"lilac" Dane Lilac, silver, isabella, it''s all the same color, a dilute chocolate. Lilac/isabella is to chocolate what blue is to black. It is the color of the Doberman fawn and the Weimeraner. I don''t think any pictures exist, because given how rare the chocolate color is

Great Dane Colors: A Complete List Of All 7 Recognized

The Merle color has more variation than other coats as fawn, blue, or gray can be mixed in. The merle coloration was only recognized by the American Kennel Club in 2018 and is the last on our list of Great Dane colors. This coat is similar in appearance to the harlequin color, and because of this, some confusion does occur:

Breeding and color genetics. LEGENDAR

Lilac Harlequin. Chocolate Fawn. Chocolate Merle. Chocolate Brindle. Merle Brindle. Blue Brindle. Blue Merle . lets now see about those Double Merle pups so please if anyone tries to sell you an all white Great Dane think twice. if there is white pups in the litter think twice. Blindness and hearing problems are just a few to mention in a

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Blue Merle Great Dane Puppies. Blue/Silver Merle; Tan Point Great Dane Puppies . To learn more about Tan Points All colors $3,500 with FULL reg. (excluding Lilac Tan Points) 2.) Chocolate and Silver *AKA Lilac Tan Point puppies are $4500 full some pictures for side by side comparison of the different puppy colors :)

7 Officially Recognized Great Dane Colors (with Pictures)

A BlueFawn Great Dane is a predominantly fawn Great Dane with blue markings where the black should be. While the hue of blue is deep enough that it can be passed off as black, a BlueFawn Great Dane is not taken to be the breed standard. These are great looking dogs, but this is not an officially recognized color. Merle

Great Dane Colors The Colorful World of the Great Dane

A blue Great Dane’s eyes can be dark brown, amber or even pale blue. But watch out for a blueeyed blue Great Dane, as this quirk could be down to a rogue merle gene somewhere in his breeding and is commonly seen in blue merle Great Danes. Black Great Dane. The jetblack, shimmering coat of a true black Great Dane is a sight to behold!

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