commissuroplasty mouth

commissuroplasty mouth

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Commissuroplasty is a procedure that is performed to correct a deformity at the corner of the mouth or oral commissure. A commissuroplasty may be performed to correct macrostomia.

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At times the cicatricial retractions that take place around the oral commissure, due to a sequela of burns, wounds or as a result of electrical burns of the mouth,

Treatment of microstomia with commissuroplasties and

The maximal intercommissural distance was 3.5 cm and the mouth opening was 1.2 cm before the commissuroplasty. Immediately after the surgery, mouth opening increased to 2.7 cm and intercommissural distance widened to 4.1 cm.

Treatment of microstomia with commissuroplasties and

Treatment of microstomia requires surgical or conservative approaches. The aim of this report is to assess the effects of surgical commissuroplasty techniques combined with the application of...

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An opening lateral commissuroplasty or mouth widening procedure works because it removes a triangular segment of skin at the sides of the mouth and moves the vermilion of the mouth corner outward. By definition this leaves a vshaped incision line at the mouth corner and a resultant fine line scar at the vermilioncutaneous border.

Mouth Widening Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Barry L. Eppley, MD

A: The mouth procedure to which you refer is technically known as a lateral commissuroplasty (mouth widening procedure) where the corners of the mouth are opened up at the skin level and the vermilion/mucosa lining is brought out to make the horizontal length of the mouth from corner to corner longer. (wider) When you speak to ‘do I need to have it done frequently’ you are likely

How to Make Your Mouth Wider – Magnum Workshop

Going by the golden ratio, the ideal mouth should have a lateral width of around 1.6 times the nose’s width. That ratio is the most aesthetically pleasing one. As for your whole relaxed mouth to nose ratio, the ideal horizontal width is around 1.62:1. This is with a mouth with sealed lips.

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