phulmoni dasi case

phulmoni dasi case

A 10YearOld Was Raped to Death on Her Wedding

hulmoni Dasi was a tenyearold Indian girl who died on the first night (after having sexual intercourse with her husband) after her marriage to a 30yearold man called Hari Mohan Mait in 1889. India remembers this dark incident of the colonial era as The Phulmoni Dasi Rape Case.

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The Phulmoni Dasi rape case was a case of childmarriage and subsequent maritalrape in India in 1889, which resulted in the death of the 10yearold girl, Phulmoni Dasi. The case led to the conviction of the husband in 1890 and triggered several legal reforms.

Phulmoni''s body: the autopsy, the inquest and the

This article provides a close reading of the circulation of the case of the ‘childwife’ Phulmoni Dasi, which is acknowledged to have triggered the Age of Consent Act of 1891.

Cast of Historical Actors: Eliza Armstrong, Phulmoni Dasi

Phulmoni Dasi tragically died on the night of the wedding due to forced consummation. There was a case filed against the husband, Empress v Hari Mohan Maiti, which went to trial at the Calcutta Sessions Court on 6th July 1890. Hari Mohan was convicted and was sentenced to 12 months of hard labour.

Marital rape: No excuse for the inexcusable – Asia Dialogue

The Phulmoni Dasi rape case triggered concerns about the age of consent. The colonial government’s vide amendment to the Age of Consent Act, 1861 raised the age of consent from ten to twelve years in both marital and extramarital cases, with the intention of protecting female children from immature cohabitation and prostitution.

(PDF) Phulmoni''s Body: The Autopsy, the Inquest and the

Another example of the circulation of “Phulmoni” as a textbook case comes from the Bamabodhini Patrika, a popular woman’s magazine, which depicted the case as a trigger for action on the age of consent act, and recognized that an interest in her case had led to the formation of a committee on the matter in England (the article named Max

Phulmoni''s body: The autopsy, the inquest and the

The evidence in this case clearly established the fact that the fatal injury was caused by sexual intercourse of this mature male, with an immature female, his wife" (Pande, 2012). So, this was the...

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