kalyanaka ghrita research

kalyanaka ghrita research

KALYANAKA GHRUTHAM Benefits, Ingredients,

27 Kalyanaka Ghrita is a traditional Ayurvedic product widely used to promote memory,

A comparative study on the pharmaceutical preparation

Kalyanaka Ghrita is one of the most commonly preferred drug in cases of diseases of psychiatric origin. It is known to possess actions such as Vishaghna, Hrudya, Tridoshahara etc along with its Medhya effect. Kalyanaka Ghrita is a complex formulation mentioned in which most of the drugs mentioned possesses antioxidant, antimicrobial and antivenom properties.

epileptic activity of Kalyanaka Ghrita and Ksheera

On assessing the results Kalyanaka Ghrita was effective in controlling some of the parameters even though the results were not statistically significant. Survival rate of K.G group was better when compared to that of Positive control group as well as K.K.G group. This indicates the presence of mild to moderate antiseizure activity in K.G group.

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Indication: Very useful in convulsions, epilepsy, administered or other poisons.Effective in anaemia chronic fever, dyspepsia, loss of vitality and loss of memory. Infertility and to get male issues. Dose: 12gm a day. Anupana: Hot milk, Hot water.

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Also describe the Kalyanaka Ghrita with their ingredients and uses. Bhavaprakash15 Acharya Bhavamishra only gives the therapeutic use of Kalyanaka Ghrita in part II chikitsa prakarana of unmada adhikara chapter 22. Yogratnakara16 Acharya describes in purvardh the properties of Ghrita, Taila and He also explain the uses of Kalyanaka

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by vata dosha).26 Ela is a content of Ajeya ghrita used in the treatment of all types of visha 27(poisoning). Ela is content of Tarkshya agada used in the treatment of snake bite.28 Ela is content of Bhadrodaya anjana which has been indicated for regular use for prince.29 Ela is a content of kalyanaka ghrita

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