shirley ann durdin shark attack photo

shirley ann durdin shark attack photo

1985/03/03 Shirley Ann Durdin Australia Shark Attack

/03/03 Shirley Ann Durdin Australia *** Fatal ***. "Mrs. Durdin was taken by the shark while diving for scallops on Sunday afternoon," the announced dryly, as if mentioning her appearance in a new spring ensemble at the local cotillion. Shirley Ann Durdin, a 33yearold housewife and mother of four, had recently moved with her family

ACTIVITY: CASE: GSAF 1985.03.03 DATE Shark Attack

ACTIVITY: Snorkeling CASE: GSAF 1985.03.03 DATE: Sunday March 3, 1985 LOCATION: The attack took place at Wiseman’s Beach in Peake Bay, north of Port Lincoln, South Australia. NAME: Shirley Ann Durdin DESCRIPTION: She was a 33yearold female, a housewife from Port Lincoln.

World''s most terrifying shark attacks from young mum

Young mum ripped in half Shirley Ann Durdin was attacked by a shark (Image: DAILY STAR) Among the most horrifying shark attacks in history, the case of Shirley Ann Durdin remains one of the few incidences where a great white shark killed and ate a human.

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Shirley Ann Durdin was a shark attack victim who was killed in Australia by a great white shark. One of the most horrifying shark attacks in history, it remains one of the very few incidences where a great white killed and ate a human. Shirley Ann Durdin, a 33yearold mother of four, went snorkeling with her husband and another man in 7foot deep water near Port Lincoln in Peake Bay, South

How rare are shark attacks and how dangerous is the great

The gruesome death of Shirley Ann Durdin, 33, in front of her crying family is one of the most infamous attacks in Australian history. In fact, when the motheroffour had her head torn from her body on March 3, 1985, she was the first person in 10 years to have been killed by one of the sea predators in the south of the country, it has been

THE GREAT WHITE SHARK Great White Shark Attacks

AUSTRALIAN ATTACKS. In addition to the attack on Mrs. Durdin, Australia has had its fair share of GW attacks. The most documented GW attack occurred in 1963 when Rodney Fox was attacked while competing in a spear fishing contest. He attempted to poke the eye of his attacker but only managed to stick his hand into the shark''s mouth, slicing his arm open to the bone.

The Most Horrifying Shark Attacks Ever Recorded

By the end of this list of most horrifying shark attacks, you are going to BE Roy Scheider in Jaws. 1. Heather Bodwell, 1994. Warning: Graphic and disturbing video. Passengers on a boat in the Pacific, 300 miles east of Easter Island, decided to stop down and have a cool dip.

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