pigeon blood discus

pigeon blood discus

The Pigeon Blood Discus – Myrtle Beach Discus

The Pigeon Blood Discus In 1989, Thai discus breeder Kitti Phanaitthi created a new strain of discus fish that would prove to become one of the most popular types of discus fish found in tanks worldwide. Named for its blood red colored eyes, the pigeon blood discus was named after rubies found inside the Mokok Mine in Myanmar.

The Origins of the Pigeon Blood Discus Strain, Discus

Pigeon Blood is a strain of Discus fish and does not apply to all Discus. In early 1991 Jack Wattley brought the first Pigeon Blood Discus fish into his hatchery. This was a new strain, which the world had not seen or heard of yet.

Pigeon Blood Discus History and Gallery History and

Pigeon Blood Discus are a selectively bred or manmade species of Discus that typically have a creamy yellowish to the orange base color, highlighted by bright red eyes and trimmed off in black stripes and spots.

Why Do My Discus Have Black Spots – Black Peppering

Pigeon blood discus is known for black peppering spots, which is a normal skin coloration found on discus fish with a pigeon blood gene in them. These black peppering spots also could be taken from a disease or caused by stress. Hence, mostly the black peppering spots aid the discus fish for adaptation and camouflaging in their environment.

Discus Stendker disponibles chez Aqua Service en Belgique

Son habitat naturel est un sol sablonneux avec des racines sous lesquelles il aime s’abriter. Les Discus élevés par Stendker sont habitués à l’eau du robinet. Elevés dans nos contrées, ils n’ont plus aucun point commun avec les Discus d’origine sauvage. Les paramètres idéaux pour les maintenir sont les suivants :

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