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No, moonballing refers to high topspin balls hit during a baseline rally. In a way it is a kind of lob you hit, not when your opponent is at net, but rather when he is staying back. Some people consider this as antitennis. The idea behind it is to make your opponent run backwards behind the baseline as your shot will rebound almost over his

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Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to navigation Jump to search. English [] Verb []. moonballing. present participle of moonball

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Moonballing through a match works in the juniorsand I mean the junior juniorsbut that''s about it. Max Pass the duct tape and super glue. Lena''s done broke my heart one last time. Onward my LOB! Lena (ret.) Vika Vee Caro Alexa Sabs Wicky Lesia Vania BMS Ekat Andi H. JoLa Lena V KP2 Lil Bit Kiki Mini Mak Baby Veronika Lucie Cornelia

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It seems like Wozniacki is the one who started the moonballing in this point. Still, I feel that being the aggressive player is actually the tougher role to play in a tight match! Wozniacki was serving, and the high balls were started with Kerber''s ROS. And what is

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(tennis) A mediumhigh offensive lob hit with topspin.(tennis) To strike the ball in this way.

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Someone that moonbakes because of their pale skin or shift work.

Emma Raducanu through to US Open fourth round after

2 天前The Spaniard’s athletic defence, which often involves moonballing, was no match for the flat drives of Raducanu. Coming in to take the ball on the rise, she continually enjoyed success driving the ball wide to the baseliner’s backhand, which looked a prearranged tactic hatched with coach Andrew Richardson.

Oh Canada! Teen Andreescu upsets Kerber to win Indian

The 18yearold Canadian, who practices visualization every morning, upset threetime major champion Angelique Kerber 64, 36, 64 to win

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