com lge icecontacts

com lge icecontacts

ICE Contacts LG Electronics

You can select up to 5 contacts to include in this list. In addition, you can enter personal information about you (such as medical record number, allergies, medications, special instructions, etc.) that can be accessed in case of an emergency.

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I was looking through my settings and com.lge.icecontacts is able to access my location. What is it Thank you! #1 Cambria666, Apr 2, 2021. Sponsored. Download the Forums for Android app! Download . kate Dreaming of Bugdroid. Moderator. It''s an

To add ICE entries LG

From the Home screen, tap the Contacts icon (in the QuickTap bar).. Tap In Case of Emergency contacts (at the top of the screen).. Tap the Add entry icon (in the lowerleft corner of the screen).. Checkmark the entry (or entries) to add to your ICE

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com.lge.icecontacts > emergency contact only for lg dialer > dialer incoming call screen com.lge.hiddenpersomenu > access menu, *##*# > weather select city engine *2 > lg weather widget *2

In Case of Emergency ICE Contact, FREE Safety App

ICE Contact is a FREE Safety App that delivers messages to friends & family In Case of Emergency (ICE). ICE Contact provides peace of mind for every situation and can help save your life. Visit today to learn more.

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As mike said, that all pretty standard stuff. Android will cache a lot of stuff for performance and battery reasons, plus load a bunch of system processes to make things work. All of the* and com.lge.* are system apps. #3. Unforgiven,

3 Ways to Add ICE to Your Cell Phone wikiHow

. Tap Done. It''s in the topright corner of the screen. Doing so saves your emergency contact. By default in iOS 11, you can access the SOS menu by clicking quickly the "Lock" button five times in a row. You can then slide the Medical ID switch right to open the Medical ID page, which includes your ICE contact.

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How is TMobile okay with being in the bed with Facebook apps finding their own servers without the user''s even opening the app installer or at manager. All the funniest thing I''ve ever seen is calculator trying to connect to some server. There is some more interesting things on my phone.

ICE Your Cell Phone, In Case of Emergency, Set Up

One simple thing you can do to help yourself and your loved ones is to add ICE your cell phone! ICE is an acronym for “In Case of Emergency.”

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