warframe equip focus lens

warframe equip focus lens

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Lens are used to earn you focus for the new focus system, you will get the one corresponding to what you picked out after completing the Second Dream quest. It seems that all trees can be access but their is a barrier (50,000) focus before you can get access to any of the good stuff inside.

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e.g. a Vazarin Lens on your Frame, Madurai on Primary, Zenurik on Secondary, Naramon on Melee, and it''ll all work just fine and not interfere with each other. Check the Operator (walk to the back of your Orbiter or use the Menu option). Once you have unlocked a Focus school (through Second Dream or by collecting 50k points),

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How do you equip a focus lens To equip a Lens, visit the “Actions” menu in the Mods loadout screen and select the “Focus Lens” item. Note that once a Lens is installed, it cannot be removed, only replaced with a different one (which will destroy the equipped lens). What is the best Tenno in Warframe

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Focus is gained in the same fashion as one would receive affinity. Thus anything that would give affinity to the frame or weapon will give focus there instead. There''s also the reason that frames get 50% of the affinity regardless (in this case focus if they''re maxed and have a lens installed).

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As the title says, i think it is a must to have the option to remove your lens from your currently equipped gear. It would give more versatily to what focus you are leveling and not force you to use one specific frame or weapon to earn focus points (or have 5 frames of the same type one for each focus).

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Yes, through direct kills, you will gain focus with both frame and weapon. The greater lens will, of course, gain a certain percentage more than the regular. As far as the focus trees go, yes, you can then distribute the points into unlocking the different nodes of your choice.

Lens, Greater Lens, Eidolon Lens Which one did I equip

Equip it, go to actions (where you go to forma or install a lens), and it''ll say there which lens it is. @TheDemon117 mentioned ticks on the lens, not sure

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