How do I fix the message "Need to format" after I insert the removable disk?

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Your invitation. Saving data from a removable hard drive is the most cumbersome, arduous and difficult of all the options available to help repair a computer. The above
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The method that say is very correct, I say concrete step and reason in detail.
Ask if you need to format, do not really point is!!
1. Mobile hard disks often have such problems because of insufficient power supply. We all know that the output current of USB 2.0 port is 500mA, but some portable hard drives require more than 500mA, so we will see that some portable hard drives have two ports in order to draw power from the other USB port. Plug and unplug the USB port to try, because sometimes this will be more send, contact is not very good, or switch the position to try. For desktop computers, you can also try plugging the USB port in the back. USB HUB is a number of ports separated from a USB port, and the output current is limited by a USB port can not exceed 500mA, and some front panel USB is the same situation.
2, if the above method is not good, you can try to replace the USB cable, the line is going to have some strange problems. Wires, interfaces, and the connection between interfaces are all potential trouble spots. The line does not have a problem, so can try to change a computer to try, also give such a problem. If you can read it, copy it and send it over the network.
3, if not, you can disassemble the mobile hard disk, remove the disk, and then try a hard disk box, if the other hard disk box is normal, then about the control chip of the mobile hard disk box.
As for using software to recover files, I have not tried much, because I have always believed that the removable hard disk is a kind of unreliable media, the probability of damage is too high, so I have not used as backup media. In addition, the handling method for the occurrence of this situation for portable disc can only be changed to a different USB port or USB of other machines to try, different is, portable disc generally will not give a problem.
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This problem is new to me and has been solved "perfectly".
The first thing to say is that for important files, you really need to organize them regularly. Backup work should be done, and useless files should be deleted, so that even if the hard drive does fail, you don't have to panic. After all, hard drive is valuable, data is priceless.
So let's talk about how I solved it.
Recently, I changed an SSD, so I replaced the previous hard disk, and installed a hard disk box, ready to be used as a mobile hard disk. But because of the operation error, the hard disk can not be opened, prompting the need to format to use.
I then tried pretty much everything above, most of which didn't work for me, and finally fixed it using Disk Genius's search for lost partitions. (See below)

After testing, not all partitions can be restored. The software only restored the disk where I saved the files, but not the C drive on the previous hard drive, but that's ok, because the C drive was not needed anyway. I've had dual systems before, and Linux was gone, but it was just for testing, so it didn't matter.
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Find back to recover

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How do I fix the message "Need to format" after I insert the removable disk?
First of all, stop writing any data to the USB flash drive. Data loss is not terrible. In many cases, the wrong operation recovery is the ultimate killer of your data. The correct operation is to restore data, the wrong operation is to destroy data. Be careful.
According to your situation, you can recover data through professional data recovery software
Data recovery can be referred to the following articles:

Retrievable recovery: How to deal with data loss of mobile hard disk? Recycle bin empty how to restore? 26 Agree · 0 Comment Article 26 Agree · 0 Comment article

The following describes how to restore the data of the USB flash drive
In fact, if you want to recover the data lost and stored in THE U disk, it is generally relatively simple, but the key step is that before the file recovery, you need to master the relevant deletion file recovery skills. The following is to share the specific operation process of relevant data file recovery:
Step 1: When U disk data is lost or mistakenly deleted, generally also need to use the corresponding data recovery software to scan and repair, as long as the data files stored in the U disk are not overwritten and lost, then it is also possible to find the lost files. Insert the usb flash drive of lost data into the computer so that it can display the corresponding disk.

Step 2: Start the data recovery software and select the Quick Scan recovery mode on the main interface of the software to scan for the disks whose data is lost.


Step 3: Select The location where original data files are stored. After you select the scan mode, the system automatically switches to the file storage disk page. You can directly select the disk whose data is deleted and click Start Scan to scan for the disk whose data is lost.
Step 4: After the scan is completed, we can select the files we need to recover according to the file path or file type, and click the "Restore" option below to find the lost files.

Data recovery software is sometimes is not everything, there may be some complex specific questions also need to use different ways to restore, as some technologies like small white is not very smooth operation and use, has led some data recovery software also can not return to want to data, this time may need a professional data recovery engineers for remote online resume.
Need data recovery friends can refer to the following article:

Retrievable recovery: how to recover data from files deleted from USB disk? 9 Agree · 0 Comment article
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Yang Yang data restoration

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This video explains how to format a hard drive prompt and successfully restore the data retained on a hard drive. If you are interested, go to the video and watch it.

The hard disk is displayed in raw file system format, indicating that the hard disk structure is damaged and cannot be read. The source disk is successfully restored

Yang Yang data recovery video
2623, broadcast

Here I am engaged in the identity of data recovery workers to correct a misunderstanding, using the way below really can prompt formatting disk repair.
The answer is yes, but according to the case, first you need to understand why your hard disk, USB disk and other devices will prompt formatting.
There are many types of prompt formatting.
In the first case, the DBR is lost. In this case, the DBR can be repaired. In general, this situation is not repaired successfully with the following instructions.
The second case, caused by THE loss of MFT, this case can be ordered to repair, but to make sure that the loss of MFT is not very comprehensive, if the loss of a lot of cases, using the following repair will cause the hard disk can be repaired but open will find a lot of missing data.
In the end, it works, but it can either save your data or hurt your data. Don't use this method to restore your important data without the most basic knowledge of data recovery.

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Carp sister
Lost data recovery: In such cases, we can use some data recovery software to repair. Let's take a look at the specific operation steps with the help of vulnerable data recovery.
Step 1: Connect the formatted USB disk to the computer.
Note: If the USB flash drive is incorrectly formatted, do not perform any new read/write operations on the USB flash drive to avoid data damage.
Step 2: Select the "misformat disk" function to enter, and then select us to connect to the COMPUTER USB disk.

Step 3: Select the file type you want to restore and click Scan.

The fourth step: after the scan is complete, there are a lot of data, find themselves think that is important and must restore files, preview, preview is properly files can be recovered, confirm their own to restore files, check up, click the back button below, so that data can all return to the computer.

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A command to solve the problem of inserting a removable hard disk requires formatting
Today the middle of the night to children shoes outfit notebook system, connect oneself mobile hard disk to discover two partition medium however read not to come out, hint needs formatting, and another partition of mobile hard disk is normal. What the hell is that, with hundreds of gigabytes of stuff in it, you just format it? No!

In fact, Windows can solve this problem by using the system's own disk recovery command: "CHKDSK" without formatting partitions.
1. Win+R, enter "CMD" in the run box and press Enter to open the command line program.
Tip: The Win key is the key between Ctrl and Alt

2. If the drive letter that cannot be opened is H, enter "CHKDSK H:/f" and press Enter.
Let's sit and wait for the hard drive to fix itself. (the appended drawings)

Note: some users hard disk can not be repaired by this method, I am very sorry, important data or please data recovery company to deal with, this method can only let you try, if luck can be repaired successfully, I myself through this method to repair the hard disk successfully, if you are helpful, remember to help me like oh ~

Reprinted from: a command to resolve the need for formatting when inserting a removable hard disk prompt
What is it
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1. Plug and plug USB several times for the same computer, especially for double-headed USB to ensure power supply
2. Try changing your computer and OS
3. Try replacing the hard disk box
4. Try data rescue software, such as Final Data, Easy Recovery, etc
5. Determine if a hard drive problem is worth a professional data rescue
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How to retrieve/recover files deleted from mobile hard disk?

Wanxing recovery expert video
9781, broadcast

After inserting the removable hard disk, you will be prompted to "format" the data recovery process. You can follow the steps below to retrieve the files lost on the removable hard disk.
 a Windows computer
2. Wait for the removable disk to recover data
 wanxing recovery expert software
Download and install wanxing Recovery Expert on your computer, connect your removable hard drive to your computer, start the software, and then follow these simple steps to recover your removable hard drive data.
Wanxing Recovery Expert free edition - Professional data recovery software huifu. Wondershare. Cn/zhihu/data - recovery - free. HTML? Utm_source = zhihu&utm _medium = fsm&utm _campaign _seven_16 = 202012 51533440
Procedure Step 1 To restore data from a formatted USB flash drive, select the External Disk data recovery mode and click Restore.

Step 2. The software will start a quick scan to search for data. If the desired data is not found in the first scan, you can scan in Depth mode. It will search more files from the hard drive, and it will take more time.

Step 3 After the scan is complete, users can preview some recoverable files, such as image files. Go to select the restored file, and then click the Restore button to restore the data.

Note: When restoring files, do not save them on the original removable hard drive, otherwise the hidden data there will be overwritten.
Wanxing Recovery Expert free edition - Professional data recovery software huifu. Wondershare. Cn/zhihu/data - recovery - free. HTML? Utm_source = zhihu&utm _medium = fsm&utm _campaign _seven_16 = 202012 51533440
If you don't understand the above steps, please leave your questions in the comments section, and I will answer them as soon as possible.
If you have any questions, please write to me
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If yes, diskGenius is advised to directly view the contents of the hard disk, copy them, and then format them for further use. And sweep for bad roads.
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Possible partition table error using DiskGen repair, if you can try WinHEX operation
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If it is estimated that the hard disk is not damaged, it can be directly inserted into the host and repaired by starting the self-test. I use this method to fix, a little longer to be patient.
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What if the drive letter name is Chinese
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Brother, DISKGenius is highly recommended, my hard disk use ER,finaldata are not good, plug in the hard disk software does not respond, use DiskGenius directly copy out the grid easy without pressure!
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Good pit ah, the point of that command I hundreds of g of data all lost, we must not believe
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You can download RECOVERY, or R-Studio, and directly format the RECOVERY software.
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U dish was poisoned insert a computer to show U dish was encrypted: need insert disk move disk (h), how should this restore below the premise that do not format beg everybody to help greatly
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