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USB Storage Devices
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It can help you recover more file types from usb drive,usb hdd,sd card,memory card,hard drive
Documents Recoverydocuments file recovery from usb
Support document:Recovery any documents, like Microsoft Words/Excel/PowerPoint files, Adobe Illustrator files, InDesign documents, PDF files, web pages files
Documents file typesrecover lost documents from usb
USB Pictures Recoveryrecover lost picture from usb
Restore all photos, images, pictures formats such as photos created by cameras, screenshots, created by software images and edited by picture edit software
Picture Typesusb picture recovery
Media Recoveryrecover audio video from usb
Recover major video formats from usb, including Microsoft video format, Apple video format, mobile phone video format, online video format, or other video software created format.
Audio & Video Typesrecover deleted lost audio video from usb

Guide & Tips

How to recover deleted files from the virus infected USB drive

As a highly mobile storage device, U disk is often plugged into the computer to read and write various data. If you accidentally write a virus during the process of reading and writing, the U disk can not be used normally, and the data is also used. Abnormally lost. Many users will use the U disk poisoning and anti-virus software to disinfect the U disk after discovering the U disk poisoning. This step will clean up some files. At this time, how can users retrieve the data?

What should I do if the USB disk is forced to pull out data loss?

Under normal circumstances, after using the USB flash drive, the user needs to click the "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media" icon at the bottom right of the computer to safely exit the USB flash drive, but such a habit is rarely developed by users. Most people pull the USB flash drive directly from the computer. Although most of the time, there is no problem, but some users lose data in the computer because of such misoperation. So, what if the U disk forces the data to be lost?

How to recover when USB disk file garbled

Most people are very trouble some when dealing with the garbled files in the U disk. Many users even delete the garbled files directly. Because the deleted data in the U disk does not pass through the recycle bin of the computer, the user is caused. It is already too late to find important files deleted. In order to ensure the user's data security, the next small series for everyone to introduce: U disk file garbled how to recover?

USB External hard disk partition data recovery strategy

The problem of data loss on the hard disk partition is very headache. However, as long as the method is used, the data loss caused by the partition of the mobile hard disk can be quickly recovered. In view of this, Xiaobian recommends that everyone have a magic hard disk data recovery soft.

How to restore USB disk drive to delete files?

As a mobile portable storage tool, U disk has been widely used by users. For users who frequently use U disk, accidentally deleting important data in U disk often occurs. The important data in U disk is from the computer. After being deleted, it is difficult for us to restore data from the recycle bin without going through the recycle bin. So, how to recover the u disk to delete files?

What should I do if I open the USB flash drive and format it

What should I do if I open the USB flash drive and format it? I believe that many people will not go into the bottom of the problem when they encounter this problem. Few people will look for ways to recover lost files on the USB flash drive. Unless there are particularly important files in the USB flash drive, they will seek solutions. Strategy.

How to solve the problem of USB shwo 0 byte?

In the use of U disk, it is inevitable to encounter various problems: U disk is still good yesterday, how to format it today, when you are sure to format, and remind you that Windows can not complete the format. Right click on the U disk and select Properties. You will find that both free space and used space are displayed as 0 bytes. What is going on?

How to restore the ADATA U disk after delete data

How to restore the ADATA U disk after delete data? Use file recovery software, as long as the data in the weigang U disk is not destroyed

Do you know how to recover MP4 after formatted

MP4 is formatted. Do you know how to recover? Here to teach you how to achieve U disk MP4 format recovery. Activate the video recovery software, and the U disk MP4 format recovery can be realized in 5 simple steps.

How to recover usb raw data ?

What should I do with u disk? What is the cause of the u disk raw? The most important thing is how to recover the u disk raw data? With, you can easily recover your USB flash drive in five steps.

How to recover it hidden files from Usb disk

The U disk file is hidden ? Recommend a very easy to use file recovery tool easy to recover. If you can master the five steps , then U disk hidden file recovery is no longer a problem.

How to recover U disk chk file

How to recover U disk chk file? Download chk file recovery software easy to recover, use this file data recovery software to successfully retrieve data files in chk format.

How to recover Sandisk file after format

How to recover the dSandisk ata after flashing U disk format, you know? Download the professional data recovery software for Sandisk data recovery, just 5 simple steps to achieve data recovery

Kingston U disk accidental deletion recovery method

Kingston U disk accidentally deleted files, how to recover? Download usb drive recovery software to run the installation, you can find the files you deleted in a simple 5 steps.

Kingston usb disk photo recovery tutorial

Do you often encounter photos and documents in the U disk, or delete them by mistake or lose them for no reason? In fact, don't worry, with the professional photo recovery software, the U disk accidentally deleted photos can be quickly found, and the pokes learn how to use the software to retrieve these photos.
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